E-Tender Filing & GeM

Tender Filing at Informagic

In India, hundreds of new notice inviting tenders are published daily for various types of works and services required by the government and private sector. Contractors/service providers participate in these invitations of tender filing and compete to get the contract.

We provide various services that help these contractors and service providers successfully participate in the tender. We have a long history of working with class A and other government contractors through eTendering. We handle all of their eTendering needs and provide services that help them win tenders on a regular basis. We work in eTendering all over India, but the majority of our clients are from North India, specifically the Punjab, Chandigarh, and Haryana regions.

Apart from participating in tenders on all Government and private websites, we also undertake to manage your business of Government eMarket Place (GeM). We have solutions for you that work for you in maintaining an active and efficient GeM profile that remains ready to take on any order and qualify for bids of your trade.

  • In the business since year 2014
  • We have successfully served our clients to participate in over 1000 tenders as of today
  • The sum total of value of tenders filed by us, which successfully cleared technical bid exceeds 150 Crores as of today
  • We have our clients from mainly 4 states: Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh, but we also have experience of filing tenders all over India.

Our tendering service portfolio

We strive to provide you with an assisted workplace in order for you to win the contract based on your technical expertise for the tender and our experience submitting it. To leave no stone unturned, Informagic provides you with the following facilities, so that you always have an edge over your competition:

  • Tender Notice Subscription: Our smart system lets us promptly inform our clients about the new tenders as their notices get published. We provide this service with all possibilities of customisation to let our clients get the information about the tenders that they actually need.
  • Digital Signature Certifcate (DSC): For eTendering, DSC is must. Having us providing both eTendering solutions as well as providing new/renewing your DSC instantly, you get all the services under one roof. For more info, please visit our DSC page.
  • High-Speed Document Scanning: Along with all the ready to use office equipment required at the time of tender file, we have ultra fast document scanning solution that helps a lot when you have a tender to participate in the last minute. You can know more about the scanning solution at this dedicated page.
  • E-Tender filing & Bid Participation: Right from working on the eligibility documentation, till submitting the complete tender; we provide A to Z service to let you file tenders online. People choose us even when they have the sources to do the eTendering just because of strong expertise in the field and always ready to act infrastructure.  

Our range of tendering service

We have strong expertise to participate in each and every Government and private tender participation floating. With such skills, we constantly provide service to our clients, who participate in the following tenders:

  • Handling & Transport (HTC) tenders in Food Corporation of India
  • Handling & Transport (HTC) tenders in Mandi Board (Pungrain, Punsup), Punjab
  • Civil work tenders in CPWD in Chandigarh, PWD, B & R, MC, Local Governments and other similar departments
  • Electricity work tenders in PSPCL; PSTCL; Mandi Board, Punjab; PUDA and all other government departments
  • Architecture tenders all over India
  • Water works and irrigation related work tenders
  • Manpower supply, maintenance AMC and security service tenders
  • MES tenders
  • Railway tenders
  •  ONGC tenders
  • DRDO tenders
  • CPWD tenders
  • SGPC tenders
  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India tenders
  • Tenders for taxi service in government departments
  • Agri Export Corporations tenders
  • ITBP tenders
  • Mining tenders & auctions
  • HARTRON tenders

The list does not end here, we are all set to participate in any web portal.

Our clients focus on their business and we focus on their backend technical work

Should you have any sort of query regarding our service or have an upcoming tender or bid to participate, please feel free to contact us.